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<br /> NATIONAL ACADEMY OF OPTICIANRY<br /> I S I O N VOLUME IV<br /> of the Industry 2018<br /> FROM THE DESK OF<br /> President<br /> Bill Underwood<br /> G reetings!<br /> The National Academy of Opticianry has<br /> been busy supporting Opticianry.<br /> As part of Opticon at Vision Expo West,<br /> we increased our exposure to many<br /> Opticians west of the Mississippi. The<br /> attendance of Opticians at Vision Expo<br /> West was up over 30% in large part due<br /> to having a program and exhibit hall<br /> space dedicated to Opticianry.<br /> Our newly revised Ophthalmic Career<br /> Progression Program (OCPP) has<br /> generated a lot of interest. In addition<br /> to the ten states that have adopted<br /> the program to support apprentices,<br /> several other states are considering<br /> adoption. The OCPP is a great option to<br /> provide the related technical instruction<br /> which supports the apprentice’s hands-<<a title="2018 Volume IV page 1" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=1"> NATIONAL ACADEMY OF OPTICIANRY I </a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 2" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=2"> Ophthalmic Career Progression Program </a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 3" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=3"> Industry News Your Free CEC is Here! Calen</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 4" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=4"> Presenting Your 2019 Spring Presenting your cour</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 5" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=5"> Continuing Education Seminars </a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 6" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=6"> Education. It's What We Do. Did You Know? When t</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 7" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=7"> Your 2018 NAO Awards Celebration E each year the </a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 8" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=8"> Your Free CEC, "Professional Liability for Optici</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 9" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=9"> Professional Liability for Opticians A Procedure </a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 10" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=10"> continued... Professional Strict liabili</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 11" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=11"> continued... As the data shows, there was a sligh</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 12" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=12"> continued... Professional Li</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 13" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=13"> continued... However, if you select 3.0mm polycar</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 14" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=14"> continued... Professional Liability REF</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 15" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=15"> continued... Woods, T. & Doty, J. (1992, June). P</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 16" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=16"> continued... Professional Liability </a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 17" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=17"> continued... 11) Explaining and documenting the</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 18" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=18"> continued... Professional Liability for Opticians</a> <a title="2018 Volume IV page 19" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5ded3be7?page=19"> contin Lens Aberrations Lower and Higher Order </a>