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<br /> EMILY COURIC CLINICAL CANCER CENTER<br /> A Monument to<br /> Curing and Caring<br /> S P R I N G 2 0 1 1<br /> Volume 20, Number 1<br /> D e a n ’s M e s s a g e<br /> Dear Medical Alumni<br /> As we approach the end of the academic<br /> year the pace of change continues to<br /> accelerate. This change touches everything we<br /> do – from the more interactive ways we teach<br /> to the new centers of research and patient<br /> care here on Grounds.<br /> In this edition, we feature the Emily<br /> Couric Clinical Cancer Center. In late<br /> February, I had the honor of participating<br /> in the dedication of this extraordinary facil-<br /> ity. There is no doubt the Center is a fitting<br /> tribute to the late Senator Couric’s mem-<br /> ory and her wish that Virginia have a can-<br /> cer center to serve as the focal point of an<br /> educational and outreach network extending<br /> across the state. Importantly, it will do much<b<a title="SPRING 2011 page 1" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=1"> EMILY COURIC CLINICAL CANCER CENTER A Monument</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 2" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=2"> D e a n ’s M e s s a g e Dear Medical Alum</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 3" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=3"> Medical Alumni Association Executive Director Ass</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 4" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=4"> Medical Alumni Association Medical School Foundat</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 5" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=5"> GrandRounds n o t e s & n e w s f ro m t h e </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 6" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=6"> GrandRounds research award UVA Researcher Er</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 7" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=7"> GrandRounds research discovery </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 8" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=8"> GrandRounds recognition Inpatient Cardiova</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 9" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=9"> GrandRounds research award </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 10" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=10"> GrandRounds faculty awards Professor Receives</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 11" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=11"> appointments Ruth Gaare Bernheim, JD, MPH, to Ch</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 12" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=12"> GrandRounds Scenes from a video describing the</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 13" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=13"> GrandRounds research successes Genetically T</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 14" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=14"> GrandRounds facilities UVA Transitional Care </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 15" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=15"> GrandRounds success in leadership UVA Resident</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 16" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=16"> GrandRounds recognition 2010 Consumer Choi</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 17" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=17"> GrandRounds innovations Surgeon Develops Inte</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 18" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=18"> > Prior to opening on April 4, staff oriented the</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 19" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=19"> w w w . u va m e d a l u m . o r g A s p r i n </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 20" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=20"> > Natural light is therapeutic. This second floor</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 21" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=21"> “It is going to be a huge and positive culture ch</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 22" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=22"> > Radiation technician Andrew Harrell, BSRT(R)(T)</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 23" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=23"> While the ECCCC’s biggest new tools are u</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 24" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=24"> Reaching 22 A m e d i c a l a l u m n </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 25" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=25"> Out </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 26" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=26"> CRH Medical Director Robert Rosen, MD, and UVA ED</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 27" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=27"> “Instead of a patient from [Culpeper] having to t</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 28" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=28"> Events symposium weekend 2010 • october 8 & 9</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 29" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=29"> Events symposium weekend 2010 • october 8 & 9</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 30" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=30"> AlumProfile Lydia M. E. Johnson, MD ’97 Alumni </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 31" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=31"> Katharine DeGeorge, MD, MS Resident Values Relati</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 32" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=32"> StudentLife </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 33" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=33"> StudentLife s u p p o rt i n g o u r s t u d e </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 34" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=34"> StudentLife s u p p o rt i n g o u r s t u d e </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 35" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=35"> StudentLife s u p p o rt i n g o u r s t u d e </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 36" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=36"> StudentLife maa sponsored events Family Day </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 37" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=37"> StudentLife maa sponsored events </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 38" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=38"> StudentLife maa sponsored events WOMEN IN ME</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 39" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=39"> StudentLife maa sponsored events CLASS OF 19</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 40" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=40"> StudentLife maa sponsored events Student Tal</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 41" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=41"> StudentLife maa sponsored events Alpha Omega</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 42" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=42"> VitalSigns notes & news from alumni and housestaf</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 43" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=43"> 1980s Stephen Pearman, MD ’82, received the John </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 44" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=44"> ANNUAL FUND Participation. T Year. </a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 45" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=45"> In Memoriam 1930s Jean M. Glasgow, MD ’36 Howard</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 46" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=46"> President’s Message Dear Fellow Alumni This</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 47" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=47"> MAA Online Resources Find Medical Alumni on Fac</a> <a title="SPRING 2011 page 48" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/5c664362?page=48"> University of Virginia Medical Alumni Association</a>