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<br /> A GUIDE TO HELP YOU<br /> GET STARTED IN<br /> YOUTH HOCKEY<br /> INSIDE<br /> 4 Find A LOCAL program<br /> 6 equipment<br /> 8 red, white & blue hockey<br /> 9 parents’ corner<br /> ComePlayYouthHockey.com<br /> My favorite<br /> come play youth hockey semasomnewntasfrseomeintghimsy<br /> Recently, your child attended a Try Hockey event in daughter come off the<br /> your community. We hope your son or daughter met ice with rosy cheeks<br /> some new friends and experienced what and a huge smile<br /> we believe to be the best youth sport in the<br /> world—ice hockey! on her face.<br /> This Come Play Youth Hockey guide has a lot of<br /> information to help you get your child started in youth<br /> hockey this winter. From connecting with a local hockey<br /> program to finding equipment, USA Hockey is here to help you<br /> get your c<a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 1" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=1"> A GUIDE TO HELP YOU GET STARTED IN YOUTH HOCKEY</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 2" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=2"> </a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 3" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=3"> </a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 4" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=4"> FIND A LOCAL program three different entry level</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 5" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=5"> three promises of youth hockey 1. PROMISE OF F</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 6" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=6"> EQUIPMENT One of the biggest thrills for a new yo</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 7" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=7"> Outfitting your child in hockey equipment is easi</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 8" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=8"> red, white & blue hockey A Program for 8-and-Und</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 9" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=9"> parent’s corner follow us on facebook! Follow th</a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 10" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=10"> </a> <a title="1108_ComePlayYouthHockey.pdf page 11" href="http://catalog.proemags.com/publication/552340e3?page=11"> </a>